1) What is DheWish? 

    Dhe (Meaning knowledge in Sanskrit, and resembles German article die, and English The) followed by a wish in English :) 

    DheWish is a German startup, focussed on Industrie 4.0 oriented procurement solutions.


2) How this works? 

    At its simplest used case. 

    Tell us about your requirements with a click on the (Get STARTED) button.

    We will carefully study your requirement, select appropriate suppliers and get back to you with NON Binding offer.

    If you find our offer good, then will take up the project with Purchase Order. 


3) What are the advantages? 

    Faster, Leaner, Agile and Safer process. 

    Getting a supplier analysis who understand you and matches your requirement was never been this easy. 

    : Our machine learning systems will continuously analyse you and list best suitable suppliers.  

    : We build transparency in the procurement process with Virtual reality, enabling you to get access to remote production          facilities, ensuring you get the best of lead time and overcome unnecessary overhead costs. 


4) Who can order? 

    All Engineering firms/individuals with a clear requirement.


5) What are the costs? 

    Costs will be calculated as per the requirement of drawing complexity and quantity,

    First level clarity will be given with the Non Binding offer.


6) How is Intellectual property protected?

    We use highly secured servers provided by certified data service providers, and most often data will be secured with encryption.