The Name

The name DheWish is a compound of:

Dhe – The sound of which resembles the word “knowledge” in Sanskrit, but is also similar-sounding to the English article “the”

Wish – The English word which implies not only that what the customers wishes, we deliver. But also comprises our broader vision of interconnected agile industries.

Combined to DheWish, we strive to be the company where “you wish, we deliver.” That’s DheWish!

The History

The idea for DheWish has arisen from Padmaraj Pattanashetti’s educational background and history. Coming to Germany as an engineering master student in 2015, he focused his studies and thesis on production systems and Industrie 4.0, which describes a hypothetical fourth industrial revolution achieved by seamless digital integration of humans, machines, facilities, processes and products.

DheWish has emerged as a product of the EXIST program funded by the federal government of Germany.

The Mission

Our core mission is the facilitation of a network of interconnected industries, forming an ecosystem wherein manufacturing and recycling are in tune. We help to channel the resources of our planet in the most efficient way and thereby contribute our share to alleviate resource scarcity.

By promoting the practices of Industrie 4.0 standards and Toyota production systems, we empower our customers to build reliable and agile supply chains to cater the needs of the 7.2 billion people on the planet. 

As Mahatma Gandhi said: There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed. We are a company of consciousness where we are driven by motto that ecology and economy go hand in hand.  


Padmaraj Pattanashetti
Co-founder, CEO

Steffen Türoff
Co-founder, MD

Nidheesh Bhatt
Partner, CMO

Kalpesh Joshi
Advisor technical operations India

Param Kohli
Advisor operations Germany

Prof. Dr. Till Becker
Dr. Michael Lütjen