Coronavirus Lockdown: Impressions From India

With India almost completely quarantined, business has come to a complete stop for DheWish. Like so many other people and businesses around the world, we desperately long for the end of the drastic measures and the restoration of our basic constitutional rights.

In the meantime Nidheesh Bhatt, our CMO and partner in India, shares a personal report on the current situation in the subcontinent and provides interesting thoughts and observations, which notably are not all negative. Nidheesh is located in the Pune region in the west of India, a hotbed of the Coronavirus spread.

Quarantined in Pune

From 25th March onwards I along with more than a billion Indians faced a 21 day lockdown, which has now been extended to 3rd of May to curb the spread of the coronavirus infection. This article reflects my personal feelings and thoughts.

For me, it has been, till now, a mixed bag of things, from the basics of life to its philosophical approach, from playing with kids to pumping up the internet usage, binge watching TV series, from having new experiences to struggling with daily needs. I would say, our life has changed, maybe a little bit, and this lockdown will also have an impact in the coming days.

I especially like that the streets are empty, hardly any pollution, noise levels are reduced, clean air – I simply love it.  You should not go out – not so much!

In my hometown, the police are issuing digital permissions for the use of two/four wheelers, so that you can buy essential things, like groceries and medicines. The idea of taking a permission to go out certainly hints at restriction on your freedom of movement, yet you understand this measure and actually appreciate the effort put in to limit the infection.  Irony of life!

Yet, some people fail to understand the gravity and the chain reaction it can start. My trips to the grocery and vegetable store are the only time when I am out. It creeps me out to see shops and offices closed, when you know that during normal times you swear a lot for the parking and driving skills of fellow citizens. Sometimes I imagine that the city will turn into a jungle and wild animals will roam around soon  – Exaggeration .. yes, I know!

We always say, health comes first. It is logical to take this step. In fact, you have to also confess that you feel uncertain about how the further actions of the Government will change your professional and personal life. You think about how much time it will take for things to normalize and you are finally out of this “anxious” behavior, fear of the unknown. Will you still be having strong nerves, taking risks or playing safe?

For now, we are enjoying the time with kids, video chatting with family and friends, cooking, trying new improvised recipes. Making the most of it, like everybody. I desperately hope that this bad dream should soon be over.

All I can say, follow the rules, stay at home and stay safe!